Saturday, March 15, 2014

Ladies & Gentleman, we have Internet...which means we are home!

Jean, EmmaGrace & I are all home safe and sound. Sorry for such a gap in "coverage", but the internet firewalls are alive and well in China! We had a great time at the wild animal park and were very impressed, must do if you are ever in the area. We also hired a shopping guide and found so many cool things for so much less than what we pay here in the U.S. Typically items were about 85% off what we pay for them here. Our trip back home was a 43 hour marathon of little to no sleep which consisted of: 1 private driver trip in a nice Audi A8 (van at hotel was late so they sent us 1st class), 1 high-speed rail trip from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, 3 metro rides to get to the airport, 5 hour flight to Korea, 5 hour layover, 14 hour flight to Dallas, 1 taxi ride to Love Field, 1 hour flight to San Antonio and finally a 1/2 hour drive with our friends to our home...success!! Thanks to the Galley's for taking care of our other children so gloriously.
All in all a most excellent adventure culminating in the best outcome of all, one new American and member of the O family!
Here are a few pictures from the trip, more later.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

So far so great!

Emma has really been showing us her true personality and it is now clear we have a 6 year old! She has been enjoying our daily tours to either Shaiman Island or to the medical clearing office. We have been having a great time getting to know her and find out her likes and dislikes. We went to a Mexican restaurant tonight, I know I know we are from San Antonio, and it really was good. Emma felt the food was too sour or spicey, but liked the Spanish rice less the tomatoes and onions. We went to dinner with our guide from Lily's adoption, Jessie. It was fun to get caught up with her and she helped answer Emma's never ending barrage of questions. She told Jessie that her new mom is "awesome". We are looking forward to getting home, but still have plenty of trip left. Tomorrow we are headed to the wild animal park and then onto the US consulate on Tuesday. We then do some shopping on Thursday before getting on the train to Hong Kong and our Korean Airline flight to Korea, Dallas, and finally San Antonio!!! Miss everyone.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

To the park and what's in a name

Yesterday we went to the Nanning Peoples park and Emma got to ride a few amusement park rides that she loved. She was squealing with excitement waiting for me to buy the tickets. We the. Rented a boat that we let her drive around a couple of acre lake. It was really fun. I was coerced into doing Thai Chi with a group of Thai Chi masters, it was videoed and will be in Nanning local news tonight at 1815 if you want to tune in :-) We then met an artist that blew sugar and made a sculpture for Emma at no charge. Overall a good day.

Now about her name Wu Ao Chun. Wu is for the area she was found in, Ao means Olympic and Chun means Spring. She was found during the spring of 2008 during the Olympics. Just in case you wanted to know. We have officially changed her name to EmmaGrace Aochun O.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Civil affair, check!

The adoption is official and complete! We are so glad that we don't have to meet with the nanny or head of the orphanage again. It isn't that they aren't great folks, but every time we met with them, Emma would regress. We can't imagine what it must be like to lose everything you knew and loved all in one day. Bless her heart she is doing better today and won't let mama out of her sight. We did go to the swimming pool today and are pretty sure that was a first. Emma told our guide Amby that she wanted pizza for lunch, we didn't realize that meant two small bites! We definitely need to put some Olech weight on her. Off to play at the park or to the museum tomorrow, depending on the weather. Thanks for all the support. Picture are still an issue, but I will add when we can.

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