Saturday, January 26, 2008

Camping Update!

The winds blew off of the ocean at more than 40 knots! Drew was pretty persistent that we could and should be able to set up the tent, but finally he conceded. He only gave up hope after 2 tents snapped in half and the great tasting camp out stew blew off of his spoon. We packed up and tried to get out unharmed, but a bunch of fire ants had another idea. A few bites later we were home watching the video Mr. Beans Holiday. We salvaged the night and gained an experience all in one. We will try again soon! Stay tuned.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Enjoying Life!

We are all excited as we prepare for another weekend of fun. Scott, Nate, and Drew will be camping out on Friday night at Tarague Beach on Andersen AFB. The beach is beautiful and hopefully the guys will have a great night sleep with the Phillipian Sea only a few feet away. Drew has just finished building his raingutter regatta boat for the race with the Cub Scouts on Saturday morning. Jean is looking forward to a quiet night at home or an evening with the girls, still undecided at post time. No new information to report on the adoption, thank you all for your prayers. Well we sure hope everyone is making it through the winter and miss you all. Take care and enjoy everyday.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dive, Dive, Dive!

Jean and Nate finally experienced the great sport of SCUBA diving this past weekend. After they both received discover SCUBA gift certificates from MDA, it was time to cash them in! They spent a few minutes getting ready and learning the basics then it was time to hit the water. Nate was able to get down to about 20 feet and Jean made it under the surface. Fisheye, the dive site, located of off Rt. 1 was full of breeding Picasso fish (aka by the Hawaiians as the Hu-mu hu-mu nu-ku nu-ku a pu-a-a) and the new divers had a great time. Nate stated "that was the best thing I have ever done in my life!" Stay tuned for new adventures as Scott gently pushes them through the dive education process.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

December 2007

December was a whirlwind! Here Nate has received his "Scout" rank in Boy Scouts and is pinning the parents pin on Jean. Gram visited for 3 weeks and while she was here we ran a 5K, spent time in Japan and enjoyed the Christmas Holiday.
Somehow Nate had another Birthday #12! He keeps sneaking them in on us, boy do we feel old!
Nate enjoyed New Years eve the most with his all night Xbox party with the boy scouts. Drew has volunteered to head the party up next year.
We hope you have enjoyed our YEAR IN REVIEW. Please stop by often and leave comments on how we are doing. Happy New Year from the O's!

November 2007

November brought the chilly weather that one would expect with Thanksgiving! We did have a great Thanksgiving and shared it with one of our new friends. Mike then took us out on his jet ski the next weekend and we all had a blast, thanks Mike! Drew had decided that he would like to become a professional jet ski driver. Nate had a tough month with his first 5 mile hike down to Sella Bay on Guam. He also had an overnight outting with the scouts on Coco's Island, just off the southern tip of the island. The boys both worked hard on the "Scouting for Food Project", overall a great month and we were thankful.

October 2007

October was full of fun as we visited with all of our family. We visited the pumpkin patch, Build-A-Bear, had family photos taken, and returned to Ohio Northern University for our 15th class reunion during homecoming.
While we were in Ohio, our dossier left our agency in St. Louis and arrived in Beijing, China! We received our 'log-in date' of the 26th! The 26th is also Drew's birthday and he was very happy about the connection to his future sister.
We started our blog in October so you can view the archives for more details.

September 2007

Happy 97th Birthday Papa "Bean"! Scott's grandfather had his Birthday a week before we were able to surprise him and everyone else by flying back to Ohio. It was fun to see everyone's face as we showed up unannounced on their doorsteps.
Earlier in the month Scott and Jean enjoyed the 60th Anniversary of the Air Force at the Air Force Ball. The boys were busy with music lessons, swim team, and had just joined scouts.

August 2007

What a month August was, more goodbyes. Scott's great buddy decided to leave for the snow and ice in Baltimore and his family decided to join him! Scott still feels like Alan and "Jim" are going to come knocking on the patio door for a Corona any time now.
The rest of the month was filled with the boys starting back to school, starting their new lawn mowing business, and attending archery and science camps.
Scott's sister Kim married Chris on the 18th and we were sad we couldn't make the big day, but we saw many great pictures. We wish them both the best in their new lives together!

July 2007

July started off with a "bang", we had an enjoyable 4th of July on the beach and at the Hyatt on the bay. The boys kept busy with Catholic Kids Camp and the Missoula Children's Theather production of Rumplestiltskin. Drew was a gnome while Nate played Rumplestiltskin. We continued giving many heartfelt goodbyes to more of our friends. Two of our dentists friends left for Texas and Great Britain, we truely miss them and their families!

Monday, January 7, 2008

L S "who" GO BUCKS!!!

As you all can see OSU is being cheered on from 8,500 miles away on a beautiful Tuesday morning! I have taken a day of vacation to watch the BCS Championship game and we are excited. We are just getting ready to head over to some of our friends, today enemies (LSwho fans), house. Jean has made chocolate buckeyes and we are ready for the big game. GO BUCKS!!!

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