Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More fun in November

November, like every month we have had back in the states, has proven to be quite busy. Mid-month my dad came to visit. The weather was perfect and we spent an afternoon downtown on the mall. The weekend went too fast but we did get some great photos!

Lilymei and her Papa Harry

The O's next to the Washington Monument.

Could that be THE White House in the background? Yes it is!

This year's Christmas card photo.

Here's our little Ohio State Buckeye cheerleader.

I think Lily is "growing" out of this one.....looking a little snug!

Drew, super excited,
at his November pack meeting.

I can see a real smile here....

and here!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cake Bake ~ A Touching Tribute

Drew's Cub Scout pack held their annual cake bake in mid November. The theme this year was "Hero's". Drew and Scott thought long and hard and came up with a great idea for their cake. This is a father-son cake bake so no help from Mom in the kitchen.

After quite a bit of work cutting the cake into the appropriate shape and lots of mixing of frosting here is Drew with the finished product.....a dog tag ....a tribute to a personal friend of ours who died in the B52 plane crash on Guam 2 days before we left for China to pick up Lilymei.

Col George Martin, a flight doctor at the Andersen AFB medical group, was a great man. He was a positive role model for all who knew him. (Therefore, the B Pos blood type.) The last thing he said to Scott on the Friday before the plane accident was, "Go get your baby girl from China and I will personally help you with her medical issues." Col Martin was on the B52 for the annual Liberation Day parade fly-over, July 21, 2008. (That's where the social security number came from on the dog tag.) The plane went down before it made it's scheduled fly-over.

Drew's cake won an award at the pack meeting that evening. Here he is receiving his award and telling the rest of his pack who Col Martin was.

Congratulations Drew and Scott! You two did a terrific job! Rest in peace Col Martin. We miss you! Go Bucks!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Halloween 2009

Gosh, I just can't get caught up! At least I got the Halloween pics posted before Christmas.

Halloween day started off cool in temperature but mild enough to let Drew and Lily redeem their Peterson's Ice Cream Birthday certificates (October and January Birthdays this time).

Look at the size of Lilymei's sundae. Yikes!

She is really chowing down. Lily made a good effort but couldn't quite finish the whole thing.

Drew is ready to begin.....

here goes.....but, alas, Drew was not able to finish his sundae either! Good effort though.

After the ice cream sundaes Nate was dropped off at church in order to help set up for the All Saints party that would occur later in the evening. Drew decided he wasn't going to Trick-or-Treat either but attend the party at church. I think he was a little disappointed with his decision. We told him he could do both.

Wouldn't you know.....minutes before we were to head out the door to begin Trick-or-Treating it started to sprinkle. Darn.

Our little cutie in her ladybug costume and ghost earrings was not to be deterred. Lilymei had been practicing what she was to say for days. Mommy's umbrella from many years ago was just what our ladybug needed to get the night rolling.

Oh my! What scary fangs you have little ladybug!

The happy gang after a fun evening. Lily has finally stopped asking if she can trick-or-treat again. I think hiding her pumpkin did the trick!

Lilymei joined our family...

Lilymei was born...

Drew is...

Nate is...

Jean and Scott have been married....