Sunday, April 27, 2008

Oh my they did it again!

As I get ready to head out on a trip back to the mainland, US. I would like to brag one more time about my sons. Nate & Drew once again won a base wide writing contest this week; the theme was "What does it mean to be a military child?". I am so proud of them both for their hard work. I thought it would be nice to place at least part of each of their essays on the blog, so:
Nate's " means that we get to go to interesting place. My dad didn't used to be in the military. When he was a civilian he would not come home for lunch or dinner. Sometimes he would have to stay at a hotel for the night. He even worked on weekends. Now that he is in the military we go to assignments together. Now we almost always eat dinner together. It feels really nice to have my dad back. I am very proud that my dad is in the military."
Drew's "I am a military child. I am 9 years old, my dad joined the military when I was 4 years old. I can't remember what it was like before the military. I like my dad in the Air Force because we can see all the cool stuff like the jets and air planes. I feel proud with my dad in the Air Force. I like being a military child because we meet new people, live in different houses, and live in different climates. I get to travel around the world with my family. We get to go to cool places like Japan and China for vacations."
So as you can see the boys are busy doing some writing, but as we speak they are both enjoying the spoils of their winnings, a new Wii game called MarioKart.
Well to those that I will see during my trip back to the states, I hope to travel safe and be there after a mere 24.5 hours of travel! Take care to all-Scott.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day Brought Some Green!

Here Nate and Drew are after just receiving a nice certificate and their grand price winnings of $50.00 each to the BX (our version of Target'). The boys both wrote an essay on "What does Earth day mean to you?" We received a call on Friday afternoon declaring them each a winner in their age group. Jean and I are so proud of the boys! They have, as some of you know, been mowing 5-6 lawns per weekend and donating all of their money towards the adoption and trip to China. After earning their prize giftcards we made a beeline to the store to pickup their new Nintendo DS game systems. The boys have been saving for quite a while and could have bought the systems a year ago, but held off until they won this contest! Again, good job boys we are proud of you both!

Here is a weblink to an article written that mentioned the boys win, although Drew has been renamed! just copy it to your browser and you should be able to read it in full.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back from Bali..another stamp in the passport!

Jean and her friends Nat and Shannon had an excellent time in Bali.The trip started out a little rough with Jean getting sick, but by the end of the first full-day she was feeling much better.
Here is the gang on the beach just before riding in the surf on their camels. Jean's camel was named "Sahara" and they got along well. She fit three 1 1/2 hour spa days into the long weekend and came back home more relaxed. Besides the camel rides and spending part of each day at the spa they white water rafted, toured a traditional Balinese home, shopped at many roadside shops, visited master carvers and silver jewelry makers. The group was also able to visit many temples throughout the country and rice fields galore!
All in all the girls loved Bali and they can't wait to return, Jean may have to wait until I have retired so I am "allowed' to go with her.
Here is a picture of the family gift Jean brought home. The barong mask is a house guardian and is supposed to bring good spirit to your home. Jean said it took the carver over a month to make the mask and it is made of red hibiscus wood.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Gone Camping!

Scott & the boys have just returned from the boy's swim meet! Nate and Drew both posted personal best times in their events. Jean has made it safetly to Bali and the boys are heading to Tarague Beach for a campout.
We are all excited and will check back in on "civilization" in a day or so.
O Boys Out!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bachelors On Guam!

Well Jean is off to the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia! Happy Birthday to her. Jean and 2 of her girl friends just left Guam and are on a 5 1/2 hour flight south of the equator. Scott and the boys are well...bachelors for a long weekend. You could probably figure out what that means; Wii play, camping on the beach, up late at night, sleeping in, typical guys stuff. Drew is especially happy because the Root Beer is up for grabs. Jean took the camera so we hope she has a great time in paradise and brings back plenty of pictures to post.

As for the guys, we only hope to survive!!

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