Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gobble, Gobble

That's Lily's newest saying. It was 4 months ago today that our precious baby girl was placed in our arms and there's not a better day to count our blessings than today ~ Thanksgiving Day!

Lily's pj's say "Everyone is thankful for me!" So true sweetie pie! Enjoy your first Thanksgiving day!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day today. The kids let us sleep in ~ thank you! We had a nice breakfast of orange rolls, Nate and Drew's favorite. I frosted the cut-out cookies (turkeys, leaves, and pumpkins) I had made last night while the kids took showers/baths and put on their new Christmas outfits. Scott put the turkey in the oven and we drove over to the base golf course to take a few (ok~ about 50!) photos of the kids for our Christmas card.

Lily did not want to stand still. This is one example.

While Lily went down for her nap, the boys played video games (can it get any better?!) and Scott and I worked together in the kitchen to prepare the rest of our Thanksgiving dinner side dishes. We didn't eat lunch so we snacked on boonie pepper jelly and crackers while we worked. Our menu included: turkey, hash brown casserole, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, stuffing, and dinner rolls. For dessert we had pumpkin pie and frosted cookies.

Thank you Scott for making the delicious turkey!

Lily ate her pumpkin pie but she really loved the Cool Whip.

Lily didn't know what to make of all the food but she sure loved digging in with both her spoon and fork. After dinner we spent a little time with our next door neighbors letting the kids play on the trampoline, the swingset, and Lily's new favorite....the Little Tikes car.

We finished off the day with a game of scrabble. Nate almost dethroned the queen of scrabble but ended up coming in at a close second. We left Scott and Drew in our dust.

We reflected on our blessings of the year today and we wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Where does the time go?

It seems like that is the question that Scott and I ask each other at least once a week. Just where has the time gone? I can't believe we are less than a week from Thanksgiving. Scott has been very busy with his MBA class ~ only 4 months (21 class periods) left to go! I know he can't wait to be finished. Neither can I ~ it will be nice to see him every Tuesday night again.

The boys and I have been really hitting the books hard with the intent to finish our home school year much earlier than previous years. We anticipate leaving our beautiful island by early June. I am really hoping spring fever doesn't hit us hard so we can have our school year complete before our PCS date. We would all love to have some free time before we fly out.

Lily has been keeping very busy in her own way. She is walking like crazy! She started walking with her physical therapist on Nov. 3rd. By Nov. 5th she was done crawling. At first, to look at her she looked like she was riding a roller coaster with her arms above her head. Then she progressed to the Frankenstein walk ~ arms out in front. Now she is a pro, walking with her arms at her side, up ramps, down the hill in our side yard, and up and down the sidewalk. She is even climbing up the neighbor's slide, which Lily calls the "Whee". Every time Lily looks out the front window or we go outside she yells out "Whee??".

Lily has even mastered walking on the trampoline, while someone is jumping! She loves the trampoline ~ she says "bounce" and she crouches down like she is going to jump. She can't get lift off yet but she's trying!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mongolian Outfits & More Parties!

Lily in one of her traditional Mongolian Outfits.

Another Mongolian Outfit.

Mongolian outfit #3, just plain tired of trying on clothes!

Lily, very excited about her presents from the Andersen Home School Group "toddler shower" which was held at our local Chinese restaurant, Magnolia's. Lily is wearing a traditional Chinese dress, complete with hot pink "squeaky" shoes~they squeak when you walk.

Lily admiring the table decorations and beautiful cake from the baby shower November 2nd, given by friends on base and from our church.

Isn't this cake adorable?! Lily's godmother, Carleen, had it made for the shower.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Lily In Costume

Lily looking wide-eyed at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, Waikiki. Note the butter all over her face!

Lily, not so sure about this Trick-or-Treating thing yet. It didn't take long for her to figure it out.

Lily in her OSU Buckeyes cheerleading outfit from Aunt Kimmy. Thanks Aunt Kimmy!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tarza and Trick-or-Treat~ What a Great Day!

Halloween was such a treat this year. Scott took the day off of work and we went to the local waterpark, Tarza. This was Lily's first visit and she loved it. After a few hours of fun in the sun Lily took a nap and the rest of us just chilled out until it was time to dress for Trick-or-Treat. The weather was perfect and we all had a great day.

The kids at Tarza, Guam's premier waterpark. Of course the boys were all over the park, riding all the water slides and floating down the lazy river. Lily enjoyed the shallow area but she also rode a couple of water slides (on someone's lap) too. She did great! I guess that means we can visit again. Hurray!

The gang, and a friend, before Trick-or Treating began. Drew was Lance Armstrong (on a day without his yellow jersey). Lily was a butterfly, thanks to Aunt Amy! Nate was a pirate. The boys' friend, Coleman, was Charlie Brown's character, a ghost.

Lily with her loot! The kids received plenty of candy; though not as much as some years. Lily is all about the M & M's and suckers, but she will try anything. The boys each have at least a gallon ziplock bag full of candy. Don't forget, boys, Mom gets all the good chocolate!

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