Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lilymei & her First Doctor Visit

I know many of you are looking for more pictures so here is an assortment of shots taken while we were in Hohhot and Guangzhou, China.  

Jean and Lilymei in the park in Hohhot, China.  It was a beautiful day and the park was very large with lots of shady areas. 

First family photo taken in the lobby of the Phoenix Hotel, Hohhot, China.  Notice the table behind Scott with various Olympic items for sale.  Nate is holding the Crocs bag containing a new pair of Crocs for Lilymei.  They have a little American flag in them which she wore to the American Consulate.  

Nate has taught Lilymei how to hold the TV remote.  

Lilymei looking at her swim diaper.  Too bad she doesn't like being in the water!

The gang with our favorite shop keeper, Jordan, of Jordan's Gifts & Souvenirs.  We visited with him several times.  He allows his customers to shop in peace.  That's one of the reasons we like him so much.  If you are in Guangzhou, check his shop out.  He is very near the Starbucks Coffee Shop.  Notice Nate's yellow rip-stick near him and Drew holding his.  

Our three beautiful children!!!

Here Lilymei is smirking while we are eating our last meal at Lucy's in Guangzhou before leaving the next morning.  We had just come from our American Consulate appointment.  

Here our girl is so glad to be out of that plane from Guangzhou to Tokyo!  She loved relaxing on the chairs in the terminal and proceeded to help Nate eat all of his McDonald's french fries.

Lilymei had her first visit to the pediatrician on base yesterday. Let's just say, from outside the exam room you would have thought we were cutting off her limbs.  She hated it!  We have collaborated with the doctor and it has been determined that Lilymei will have to have a few tests done at the navy hospital.  She will have blood drawn tomorrow (Wednesday), and then she will start the immunization process all over again.  We will keep you all updated once we know the results of her CT scan and x-ray.  It looks like we will be making a trip to Trippler (in Hawaii) for an MRI soon too!  Please keep praying for Lilymei's test results to show exactly what will need to be done for her continued progress in her health and well-being.   


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the medical update. We will be praying for her.
Uncle Mark, Aunt Amy, Owen and Will

Heather said...

Oh, those first Dr visits, so many shots, such tiny bodies. Hope the trip to the Hawaii dr's bring good, or at least accurate, news.
Heather BT

The Princess's Mommy said...

She's adorable! Hope the dr in Hawaii gives you good news!


Chad and Kristy said...

Thanks for the updates and the pictures! Anna Li will have her doctor's appointment next week for blood work an IQ test. We have to wait a month for the visit with the eye foundation. We are very anxious for answers:) We will continue to pray for Lilymei. We miss you:(


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