Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gram makes a visit

Time for more visitors! Yeah! My mom came out to visit us for a few days last month. She was able to spend a week and see us in our "daily" routine. The boys did a few days of school while she was here. We didn't want to get too much behind.

Mom was our 3rd family visitor.

We spent a day downtown visiting the Capitol building and the Library of Congress. It was a miserably cold, wet day outside but we enjoyed our time indoors. We all agreed we can't wait until Spring when we can explore more, in a more desirable temperature. You know, we're still thin-blooded.

The gang at the Library of Congress. What a day we had.....we were all tired by this point.

Lilymei and Gram riding the metro. Lily loves to ride the train.

Is Nate trying to look taller than Gram? It looks like Drew is catching up too! At least Lily is still under 3 feet ~ not for long though.

Fall foliage we haven't seen in a LONG time. The wind was blowing pretty good so I was able to get a nice shot of the American flag unfurled.

I really like the pink and yellow leaves popping out in the middle of all the lush green. It's amazing how different the trees in the back yard are compared to the front yard.

I have lots of updates to be posted so check back soon. Happy Fall!

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