Sunday, February 28, 2010

Disney ....on......Ice!

Scott, Lily, and I spent Saturday, February 13th at the Disney on Ice show downtown. Lily is just getting into some of the Disney characters and we thought she might enjoy the show. Lily is excited anytime we say we are going on the train (metro) and she was very willing to get up early to get going. We met quite a few other girls on the train heading the same direction we were.

So much to see and buy ~ it's overwhelming. Lily does state, quite frequently anymore, that she wants any little toy that looks fun. We did indulge her in some popcorn and she was happy.

Excitement before the show.

Lily loved Mickey and all the princesses. She waved freely but was disappointed that she couldn't get onto the ice to say hello.

The show was quite long, for a little one. Lily was starting to get tired about half-way through but there was enough action to keep her entertained.

We even saw the Chinese dragon from Mulan. What a great reminder of Chinese New Year!

After the show, we took the train to Scott's work stop and had lunch at a Japanese restaurant. Lily loved the miso soup until she spilled the whole bowl on herself. The tempura shrimp was a better option for her. Delicious!

Can you guess what Lily has been doing all around the house since the show? She has been "ice-skating" all around, complete with one leg in the air, arms flowing gracefully, and lots of spinning. So cute. Maybe we'll watch Lily in the 2025 winter olympics!

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The Princess's Mommy said...

Oh I just bought tickets to see Princesses on Ice on the 28th! Love the pics! Looks like a great show! I know my LM will love it, too!!

Hope things are going well!

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