Monday, April 26, 2010

Remember snow?!

Now that spring is here I thought I would share a few photos of our memorable winter. We have not lived in a location with measurable snow in over 6 years. You can imagine our surprise when the heavens opened (repeatedly) and out came the cold, white, more-often-than-not heavy flakes. I'm thinking back to when we were told that it "almost" never snows more than a few inches a year here in northern Virginia. I'm chuckling now but for those long 3 months we were definitely not laughing.

This photo is what I measured on the deck of our 2nd snow of December. Our first BIG snow.

Scott and the boys were shoveling our drive, along with 3 other neighbors driveways. They had a hard time keeping up. That was some heavy snow!

The snow had stopped but you can see through the deck railing just how much snow was on the trampoline. I'm surprised the trampoline survived the winter. It "bounced" back ~ the kids were on it last week!

Do you think Nate is sick of the snow yet? He doesn't realize he is in for at least 2 more big snowstorms.

After the early February snow once the driveways were cleared the boys took advantage of the large drifts and sledded down the street. It took almost 2 weeks for the snow to be completely cleared from our street.

This photo was taken 7 days after the snowstorm and the mailbox is barely visible. I learned pretty quick that if I didn't start moving that snow from the curb the mail was not going to be delivered at my house. We didn't realize that the snowplow only makes one trip down the street; down the very MIDDLE of the street. Now we really missed our Ohio snow plows that plowed all the way to the curb!

Scott chipping away some of the ice. We needed to get out for the Disney on Ice show. Thank goodness the snow wasn't this weekend. Lily would have been so disappointed.

I can now say that all the snow is really gone. We survived our first winter back! We'll be ready for next year ~ no problem!

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Chad and Kristy said...

Ok, that is insane! I never would have survived!

Love your house:)

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