Saturday, June 14, 2008

Where is Lilymei?

Check bottom of post for current updates:

Many of you may be wondering where Lilymei is living right now. The information that we have received so far indicates that she is living with a foster family in Inner Mongolia, PRC which can be found on the map below, near the top colored in yellow . Hohhot is the name of the city where her Child Welfare Institute (orphanage) can be found. If you look just above the "B" in Beijing that is approximately where Hohhot is located.

UPDATE: Tickets purchased!
We have yet to book our international flight but our plan is to get to Beijing either through Hong Kong or Tokyo. Shanghai is another potential port of entry. Our tentative itinerary looks something like this:

Wed. July 23 ~ Leave Guam, Arrive in Beijing
Thurs. July 24 ~ Tour Summer Palace
Fri. July 25 ~ Temple of Heaven(am), Lunch at Dai Jia Cun Restaurant, Hutong Tour and Chinese Acrobat Show(afternoon)
Sat. July 26 ~ Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City, Great Wall and lunch, CHI orientation
Sun. July 27 ~ Fly to Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, where Lilymei is!
Mon. July 28 ~ Meet Lilymei!!!
Tue. July 29 ~ Adoption Process
Wed. July 30-Fri. Aug 1 ~ Sightseeing, Free days in Hohhot
Sat. Aug 2 ~ Fly to Guangzhou, Meet other adoptive families
Sun. Aug 3 ~ Free Day
Mon. Aug 4 ~ Medical exam for Lilymei
Tue. Aug 5 ~ Consulate appt, Farewell Dinner
Wed. Aug 6 ~ Go to ACS for oath, Get visa for Lilymei
Thurs. Aug 7 ~ Fly Home!

Guangzhou can be found at the bottom of the map, located in the province of Guangdong, also in yellow. Guangzhou is just north of Hong Kong, probably under the big red dot.

Now that Scott is home from Orlando and hopefully not expected to travel anywhere else before we leave for China we will be getting the paperwork for our visas completed and mailed in ASAP. Once our consulate appointment has been confirmed we can purchase our international tickets and start packing our bags! Oh, so much work to little time.

As of today, June 17th, we have sent off our applications to apply for our visas. This morning we also purchased our international flights from Guam to Beijing and back home again. Wow! It's really happening!


William said...

I'm so excited reading this. I can't believe you will really be traveling in just over a month. It's so AWESOME.

Christe said...

Not too much longer now! YEAH. I cannot wait until we get to meet each other in China. We still haven't purchased our tickets, that is our main goal today after we get our last shots from the Doctor's office this morning. Glad to hear you sent off for your Visa's. I will send you our schedule as soon has we have it. Christe

Anonymous said...

I think personally that Lilymei would have loved to see her Gram! Did you ask to see if she would have liked to go along?

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