Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's Been 2 Months!

Lilymei getting her first good look at her parents.  She really looks unsure doesn't she?

Two months later...Lilymei gives lots of smiles, kisses, and love!

Lilymei has a new hobby, "playing" the Wii.

Lily loves to watch the boys play video games and now she feels like she is participating too!

The past 2 months have been a whirlwind.  It seems like Lily has been with us forever; we can't remember what we did without her!  She brings so much laughter and joy to our home. Lilymei is showing her personality more and more every day.  She has been very vocal and LOUD the past couple of days. Lily can say a few more words:
  • thank you
  • I love you
  • up
  • uh-oh
  • "woof"
  • peek-a-boo
  • baby
  • bye-bye
  • Drew
Lilymei can hold up one finger when we ask how old she is.  She also puts her hands above her head when we ask how big she is.  Lily tries to dress herself and she climbs up on her toddler bed when we ask her to so we can change her diaper.  She has walked up and down the hallway with her walker toy several times this past week and she has stood alone, unassisted, for a few seconds before plopping down on the floor.  

It looks like we will be leaving for Hawaii on October 8th (Guam time), arriving October 7th (Hawaii time).  On the 8th, Lilymei has her health and physical exam.  Her MRI is set for the next day, October 9th.  We will be meeting with the neurologist on October 14th.  It looks like Scott will be flying with me and Lilymei.  The boys will be staying on Guam with family friends. They have so much going on with their daily routines that they decided to pass on this trip.  I know...who can resist going to Hawaii??? 

3 comments: said...

WOW ~ two months! It's so wonderful to read the updates on your new lives with Lilymei. Never fails to make me smile.

Best of luck on the trip to Hawaii. Wish it were for other reasons.

Heather said...

It sure doesn't seem like two months, she certainly has a joyously smile that's for sure!
Heather BT

Beverly said...

she is so cute. love the wii pics.

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