Monday, September 8, 2008

Look at what Lilymei can do & Back to School for the Boys

Random photos...

Drew and Lilymei playing in the bedroom.

Drew and Lilymei at the base pool.

Lilymei and Nate, happy in the morning.

Lilymei has just blossomed in the last week. She is very comfortable with us and her surroundings. She is into everything! She's had so many "firsts" my calendar is full just trying to document them all. Some of her new "skills" from the past week include:

  • blowing kisses (hand up to the mouth, not yet "throwing" them)

  • turning off the light switches

  • puckers and gives kisses when we ask

  • feeding herself using a spoon or fork

  • drinking from a cup (without a lid!)

  • "real" crawling~ not just combat crawling

  • took 3 steps with her walker toy

  • puts her mouth in the pool and blows bubbles

  • stands up in her crib

  • makes "shh" sound with her finger to her lips

  • gives high-five

  • can use sign language for "more"

  • can say "Mama", "Dada", "bubbles", and "Lily" AND

  • climbs onto the couch.

"Look at what my brothers did to me! I'm propped up on the couch with 2 bean bags chairs, and lots of pillows and blankets!"

"Don't tickle me anymore! I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard!"

"Ok, this is crazy! I'm having so much fun!"

The boys and I started our home school year last Tuesday. So far, so good. Lilymei is getting herself all over the living room and dining room trying to see what the boys are doing. Even though they are getting work done they still want to stop what they are doing and play with Lilymei. Who can blame them? I know I'm not getting alot of my "chores" done either until she is asleep. She's just too much fun. She brings lots and lots of laughter to our home.

Medical note: We are waiting for Lilymei's MRI appt to be scheduled. We should be in Hawaii within the month. The CT scan results are just what we heard initially, definite hydrocephalus and chronic subdural bleeding. We are hoping the MRI will tell us definitively what we will need to do next for her care and well-being. Please keep her in your prayers.


Chad and Kristy said...

Oh, the pictures are just too cute! I really enjoyed reading about all of her "firsts". We are still praying for Lilymei. Give her hugs and kisses from the Gray's:)

Heather said...

the first of many 'Firsts' post.
Prayers going up about your little one.
Heather BT

Christe said...

What a cutie pie!! We will keep you guys in our thoughts for Lilymei and her test results! Hugs, Christe

Beverly said...

she is so cute and not much loved by her brothers, hunh?

Regina said...

Oh-your pictures are precious!!

Heather said...

CHI closed their yahoo groups. I've put some links on my latest post to some unofficial ones that have started up. Not sure if I've seen you on the chat groups or not, but am trying to spread the word.
Heather BT

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