Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eight Days and Counting

Today has been a busy day so far. I have completed all of Lilymei's laundry and I am ready to start packing her suitcase. I also went to the credit union to remind them to order the crispest bills that they can and that I need them ASAP! From what my credit union tells me they don't get "new" bills. Money is just circulated from Hawaii and back to us. Unless someone brings new bills to Hawaii we aren't going to see any "new" money. I hope this doesn't pose a problem for us once we get into China. Many people on Guam travel to other places like the Philippines, Bali, etc and those places all require "newer, crisp" money so I think we'll be ok. Keep your fingers crossed!

We have 8 days until we travel and the child's #8 block reminds me that now that the laundry is done and I have all the kids clothes ready to be packed I need to start fitting everything into the suitcase like a 3-D puzzle.

This is what I discovered online today for the In-side China travel in regards to carry-on baggage:

Domestic China airlines have tightened controls. Here are the current restrictions that do, actually, get implemented:

Luggage must be smaller than 20x40x55cm.
Carry-on weight limit is 5kg
First-class passengers are allowed 2 bags, business and economy 1 bag
No liquids of any kind or volume are allowed
No lighters or matches
Plus the usual no dangerous goods.

Even though we can fly to China with 2 checked bags per person we are allowed only ONE checked bag per person while traveling inside China. Souvenirs may be held to a minimum after purchasing things for Lilymei! Sorry!


Patti said...

I'd never heard about the "crisp new money" ~ learn something new everyday! Good luck with packing. FM would not do well with those restrictions ~ he always packs like he's going away for two weeks rather than two days ;)

Susan said...

WOW! You'll be going so soon! It must be surreal! I feel like we're *never* going to actually get our son... I'm sure you know what I mean!

Lilymei is such a blessed little girl to have you all coming to get her!!!

Love you! Susan

Heather said...

I've heard that you can actually iron money. I have no personal experience with this as I rarely iron ANYTHING!
Good luck gathering your money!
PS check every bill they give you, I think I got shorted a $100 and given a $10 out of my $5000
Heather BT

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